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Do you want your own 360 degree video? Contact us! We are waiting to fulfill your dreams.

360˚ video is shooting with several cameras simultaneously from the same place at the same moment, but from different angles. After the data are transfered to a computer screen or telephone display, the individual images are combined and the viewer becomes a director himself, as the image can be moved, rotated and monitor everything happening around. In combination with virtual glasses or cardboard, the 360˚ video becomes a full-fledged virtual reality.

Are you interested in your own 360˚ video for improving marketing campaign, tour around an area or for capturing an event from all angles? Then you are at right place. At 360-degree video, we were the first to work with this technology in Central Europe. We will be glad to cooperate on your projects and passions. Do you have an idea, but you are not sure whether virtual reality suits you? Call us, and we can discuss the possibilities and find a suitable solution for you. First 360-degree advertising, 360-degree video or tour operating theaters in Central Europe created by our team.

We have already worked together on many projects of big names, look at our videos.

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The first 360 ° advertising in the Czech Republic: Vodafone CZ

The first 360° music video in the Czech Republic

Winter classic

Hospital tour


Rock Radio

Kitchen insider

Music show



What and how we can shoot

We can shoot all kinds of shots – earth, air, water, static and dynamic exterior, interior, use a tripod, helmet, snowmobile, helicopter and drone.
We invent new technical solutions shooting.

Videos are produced: .MP4 container, .H264 codec, image quality 4K x 120 FPS.

When it comes to the final quality, we produce the best.

Video production

We can provide complete production process 360-degree video.

Preproduction: participation in the project proposal, the draft and the final version of the video, scenarios timetable for the technical preparations, securing space, licensing and protagonists.

Production: directing, script, technical arrangement of shooting.

Post-production: video stitch, editing, color correction, Director’s Cut, the final version of 360˚ video.

We are doing commercials, capturing concerts, festivals, sporting events, music videos, 360˚ video tours and reports. There is no industry, we would be scared of.

Use of 360-degree video

Virtual reality attracts new fans on social networks and increases views.

360˚ video strongly supports Facebook and YouTube custom applications, and videos so it keeps your visitors on your page for longer.

Online space – web, media servers

360˚ videos can also be placed on portals that does not yet support the format through 2D Director’sCut.

Virtual reality can be simply built into presentations at fairs, showrooms, exhibitions, museums or festivals through Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR glasses. It can be used anywhere, where it catch attention of masses.

360| team

Virtual reality is a virtual reality, but it can not happen without the people who will create it. Team 360video company has extensive experience with marketing campaigns, production of films, commercials and promotional videos. Creation and post-production of 360-degree video is still a new technology, we try to introduce in Czech Republic. We are not only innovators in fields of audio and video technologies, we love what we do, so our portfolio includes also creating websites and graphic design.

Fresh ideas, simplicity and creative approach is what characterize us.


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